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Tourism in the Green Economy
The UN Green Economy Report demonstrates that the greening of economies is not a constraint on growth, but rather a new engine of development, able to create decent jobs, reduce poverty and address major environmental challenges. Tourism, finds the Report, is one of the ten economic sectors best...
Tourism Success Stories and Rising Stars – World Tourism Conference Proceedings
Tourism Success Stories and Rising Stars resulted from the World Tourism Conference (WTC) 2010 which was organised at a time when the tourism industry was gradually recovering from the exceptionally challenging time it had experienced under the influence of the global economic crisis.In accordance...
Understanding Chinese Outbound Tourism – What the Chinese Blogosphere is Saying about Europe
This report by ETC and UNWTO provides useful insight into trends, themes and behaviour of Chinese tourists to Europe based on ‘netnographic’ research, or ethnography adapted to the online social world. The study analyses Chinese consumer mentality from preferred destinations and planning process to...
UNWTO Annual Report 2011 2012
Инструментарий в области коммуникаций в туризме в условиях кризисных ситуаций – Контрольные перечни
Коммуникации являются важнейшим элементом любой системы управления в кризисных ситуациях. Они помогают ограничить негативное воздействие кризиса путем действенного, своевременного и ответственного удовлетворения нужд в информации всех участников туристского процесса. Принимая это во внимание, ЮНВТО...
Best Practices Guide - Successful EET Integration in SME Hotels.
By presenting the case studies of selected hotels throughout Europe we show the ways these hotels have successfully applied energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions and the benefits they incurred by the implementation of these changes.
Factors and Initiatives affecting Energy Efficiency use in the Hotel Industry.
This study demonstrates the barriers faced and the drivers behind the implementation of energy efficiency programs in SME hotels, by pointing out lessons learnt from previous surveys. In addition, we take a look at how education and awareness raising campaigns play a key role in implementing these...
AM Reports Volumen 2 'La Fuerza del Turismo Joven'
El turismo de jóvenes es uno de los mercados del sector turístico mundial que crece con más rapidez y que muestra un mayor dinamismo. Según las estimaciones de la OMT, el 20 por ciento de los 940 millones de turistas internacionales que viajaron por todo el mundo en 2010 eran jóvenes. Sin embargo,...
Key Energy Efficiency Solutions for SME Hotels.
This publication provides a clear overview of energy efficiency solutions that are available to SME hotels. It is not intended to be a step-by-step guide for hotel managers, but rather an overview of 20 solutions which can be easily implemented by a SME hotel.
PEEK Fact Sheets and Case Studies Booklet 2011