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AM Reports Volumen 2 'La Fuerza del Turismo Joven'
El turismo de jóvenes es uno de los mercados del sector turístico mundial que crece con más rapidez y que muestra un mayor dinamismo. Según las estimaciones de la OMT, el 20 por ciento de los 940 millones de turistas internacionales que viajaron por todo el mundo en 2010 eran jóvenes. Sin embargo,...
Global Report on Women in Tourism 2010
Jointly developed by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and UN Women, the Global Report on Women in Tourism 2010 marks the first attempt to map the participation of women in the tourism industry worldwide. In the context of responsible tourism and local development, this study seeks to...
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Applications in the Hotel Sector: TRAINING MANUAL
This training manual is intended to assist trainers and to raise the awareness of hotel decision-makers and staff about the opportunities for implementation and use of EE and RE technologies and practices.
HES User Manual
The HES User Manual guides users throughout the process of the e-toolkit, from the initial questionnaire to the report outputs, with the aid of screenshots for further assistance.
Factors and Initiatives affecting Renewable Energy Use in the Hotel Industry
Following a series of interviews with hoteliers from different EU countries who have implemented RES systems and working from some of the main findings reported in the literature referred to in this document, the present report will analyse those factors and initiatives affecting RES use in hotels...
Analysis on energy use by European hotels: online survey and desk research
This publication records the results of an on-line survey and desk research conducted to assess energy use in hotels across EU Member States, their use of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, and the factors that affect this.
Key Renewable Energy (RE) Solutions for SME Hotels.
There are many renewable energy options available for SME Hotels: wind, solar, biomass etc. But which does one choose? This report presents an overview of each RE solution and the rationale, implementation, benefits and disadvantages of each one.
Best Practices Guide – Successful Renewable Energy Technologies integration in SME Hotels.
Since there is not a single, universal RET solution available, this study investigates different examples of how SME Hotels have successfully incorporated renewable energy technologies into their facilities.
Key Energy Efficiency Technologies Database for SME Hotels.
This publication provides a clear overview of energy efficiency solutions that are available to SME hotels. It is not intended to be a step-by-step guide for hotel managers, but rather an overview of 20 solutions which can be easily implemented by a SME hotel.
PEEK Fact Sheets and Case Studies Booklet 2011