‘Overtourism’? Understanding and Managing Urban Tourism Growth beyond Perceptions Volume 2: Case Studies | Executive Summary

‘Overtourism’? Volume 2: Case Studies | Executive Summary
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The first volume of the report "‘Overtourism’? – Understanding and Managing Urban Tourism Growth beyond Perceptions" examines how to manage tourism in urban destinations to the benefit of visitors and residents alike, showcasing eleven strategies and 68 measures to help better understand and manage visitor growth in cities. This second volume includes 18 case studies across the Americas, Asia and the Pacific and Europe – Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, Besalú, Cambridge, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Ghent, Hangzhou, London, Lucerne, Macao (China), New York, Lisbon, Seoul, Porto, Prague and Venice – on how cities are implementing the following eleven strategies:

1. Promote the dispersal of visitors within the city and beyond;

2. Promote time-based dispersal of visitors;

3. Stimulate new visitor itineraries and attractions;

4. Review and adapt regulation;

5. Enhance visitors’ segmentation;

6. Ensure local communities benefit from tourism;

7. Create city experiences that benefit both residents and visitors;

8. Improve city infrastructure and facilities;

9. Communicate with and engage local stakeholders;

10. Communicate with and engage visitors; and

11. Set monitoring and response measures.

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