AM Regional Report: Volume four - Tourism in Africa: A Tool for Development

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UNWTO and Casa África have launched in 2015 a special report dedicated to tourism product development in Africa.

the Report reviews the current situation of Africa´s tourism markets as well as its future potential and includes several case studies from public and private sectors on tourism product development including key concepts, methodology and best practices.

This study was commissioned by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) with the support and close cooperation of Casa África to assess the current situation of Africa´s tourism product development. It proposes a UNWTO methodology for tourism product development that can be applied to African destinations.

Recent tourism performance across Africa is analyzed and future prospects are identified, thus demonstrating the importance of a well-defined strategy for tourism product development, so as to explore and leverage the array of opportunities that the international tourism sector offers to African destinations. It further discusses the prospects and challenges of tourism development for African nations, describes a specific approach for developing unique tourism products and presents case studies of specific projects that are helping shape Africa’s tourism context.

To highlight some of the best practices in tourism product development in Africa, a series of case studies have been selected. These cases further illustrate real world success stories which can be drawn on to help chart the course forward for tourism product development in other African destinations.

the report is available in English and the Executive Summary in English and French.