Past events list

Conseil exécutif - Cent dixième session
Webinar on International Tourism Results and Prospects 2019
31st Joint Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for East Asia and the Pacific and the UNWTO Commission for South Asia & UNWTO Regional Conference on Sustainable Development through Tourism
UNWTO Webinar on Institutional Strengthening in Destination Management: Preparing DMOs for new challenges
Cours international de l’OMT en Argentine
64th Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for Europe and Workshop on Growth, Innovation and Partnership
64th meeting of the Regional Commission for the Americas
International Seminar on Destination Management - New Challenges, New Solutions
7th IFT Training at the Global Centre for Tourism Education and Training
UNWTO Webinar on ‘Overtourism’? – Understanding and Managing Urban Tourism Growth beyond Perceptions
5th UNWTO World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism
Innovative initiatives in tourism fostering social inclusion and diversity
Master OMT-Anahuac en " Gestion des Destinations Touristiques ”
UNWTO Tourism Tech Adventure:Scaling Up
UNWTO Tourism Tech Adventure: Innovando para los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible
Chinese Language Day
MODUL University Dubai is to host the UNWTO workshop “Sustainability in Tourism Destinations” of the UAE Tourism Leadership Programme
UNWTO Mayors Forum for Sustainable Urban Tourism (by invitation-only)
Première conférence ministérielle OMT / OACI sur le tourisme et le transport aérien en Afrique
UNWTO Tourism Tech Adventure: Middle East
45th Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for the Middle East
High-Level Dialogue on Digital Skills in Tourism
Silk Road Tour Operators Forum at ITB Berlin 2019
Launch Event - Global Report on Women in Tourism, Second Edition
Silk Road Ministers Meeting at ITB Berlin 2019
ITB 2019
4th UNWTO Euro-Asian Mountain Tourism Conference
UNWTO and ETC Webinar on exploring health tourism
Nineteenth meeting - Committee on Statistics