Ministerial Forum on Strengthening the Resilience of Tourism in the Middle East and North Africa and sustaining growth


19 January 2017


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The UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) has the distinct pleasure of announcing its fifth annual ministerial roundtable discussion on the current state and future of tourism in the Middle East and North Africa - jointly held with the Casa Árabe - within the framework of FITUR.


The discussion will revolve around the dual themes of the industry's resilience in the face of ongoing and evolving geopolitical and security challenges as well as short term prospects (as characterized by the panelists) and strategies to enhance the resilience of the Tourism sector to external shock. The acceleration and consoloidation of the industry's ability to recover and grow sustainably and responsibly within the framework of the region's current destablizing circumstances will be addressed throughout the event.

The discussion will be hosted and moderated by Ian Taylor, executive editor of Travel Weekly UK.


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