Past events list

50th Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for Europe
Regional Seminar on Tourism Statistics
SCBP Europe - Regional Seminar
Workshop III-Capacity Building Programme on Tourism Statistics and Regional Seminar
SCBP Europe - III Workshop
Executive Council - Eighty-fifth session
Sub-Regional Seminar ¨The Present Crisis and Beyond¨
Tenth meeting - Committee on Statistics and the Tourism Satellite Account
TECHNICAL SESSION - Session VI: Using TSA Data for Business and Policy Analysis
TECHNICAL SESSION - Session V: Measuring the Economic Contributions of Tourism: from the TSA to Alternative Modelling Techniques
TECHINCAL SESSION - Session IV: Tourism Labour Market in the Asia Pacific Region
TECHNICAL SESSION - Session III: Employment in the Tourism Industries: Measurement Issues and Case Studies
TECHNICAL SESSION - Session II: Integrating Tourism Statistics into a Broader Framework
TECHNICAL SESSION - Session I: Developing National Systems of Tourism Statistics
5th UNWTO International Conference on Tourism Statistics - Tourism: An Engine for Employment Creation
49th Meeting of the UNWTO Commision for Europe
Technical Seminar on "The Effects of the Economic Crisis on European Tourism: Challenges and Tourism"
Joint Seminar on "Domestic Tourism Promotion and Modern Marketing Technologies"
SCBP Africa - II Workshop
SCBP Europe - II Workshop
Tourism: Responding to a Turbulent Economy and a Changing Climate - A conference for the Middle East and Mediterranean Region -
International Conference on Measuring Tourism Economic Contribution at Sub-National Levels
Sixth International Tourism Forum for Parliamentarians and Local Authorities
Workshop on Developing Tourism Statistics and the Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) Project
Conference on "Promoting the Great Silk Road on the World Tourism Market"
Executive Council - Eighty-fourth session
ETC/UNWTO Joint International Seminar on Tourism Forecasting and Strategic Planning
Executive Council - Eighty-third session
SCBP Africa - I Workshop