Past events list

6th World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism
Public-Private Partnerships in Tourism: Methods and Solutions for the Future
SCBP Africa - Regional Seminar
SCBP Africa - III Workshop
SCBP Europe - IV Workshop
Executive Council - Eighty-seventh session
General Assembly - Eighteenth session
Executive Council - Eighty-sixth session
50th Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for Europe
Regional Seminar on Tourism Statistics
SCBP Europe - Regional Seminar
Workshop III-Capacity Building Programme on Tourism Statistics and Regional Seminar
SCBP Europe - III Workshop
Executive Council - Eighty-fifth session
Sub-Regional Seminar ¨The Present Crisis and Beyond¨
Tenth meeting - Committee on Statistics and the Tourism Satellite Account
TECHNICAL SESSION - Session VI: Using TSA Data for Business and Policy Analysis
TECHNICAL SESSION - Session V: Measuring the Economic Contributions of Tourism: from the TSA to Alternative Modelling Techniques
TECHINCAL SESSION - Session IV: Tourism Labour Market in the Asia Pacific Region
TECHNICAL SESSION - Session III: Employment in the Tourism Industries: Measurement Issues and Case Studies
TECHNICAL SESSION - Session II: Integrating Tourism Statistics into a Broader Framework
TECHNICAL SESSION - Session I: Developing National Systems of Tourism Statistics
5th UNWTO International Conference on Tourism Statistics - Tourism: An Engine for Employment Creation
49th Meeting of the UNWTO Commision for Europe
Technical Seminar on "The Effects of the Economic Crisis on European Tourism: Challenges and Tourism"
Joint Seminar on "Domestic Tourism Promotion and Modern Marketing Technologies"
SCBP Africa - II Workshop
SCBP Europe - II Workshop
Tourism: Responding to a Turbulent Economy and a Changing Climate - A conference for the Middle East and Mediterranean Region -