Past events list

The Silk Road Hour - at the ITB Film Festival 2011
Experience the Silk Road - ITB Berlin 2011
Global Tourism Forum Andorra
Twelfth meeting - Committee on Statistics and the Tourism Satellite Account
Tourism Investment Forum for Africa (INVESTOUR)
Tourism as a Tool for Sustainable Regional Development
SCBP Asia-Pacific Region - I Workshop
Executive Council - Eighty-ninth session
Tourism Infrastructure Development in the Black Sea Region
SCBP Africa - IV Workshop
Executive Council - Eighty-eighth session
51th Meeting of the UNWTO Commision for Europe - Seminar on “Tourism Governance in Times of Crisis: Conjunctural and Structural Policies”
6º Congreso Mundial sobre turismo de nieve y de montaña
6th World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism
Public-Private Partnerships in Tourism: Methods and Solutions for the Future
SCBP Africa - Regional Seminar
SCBP Africa - III Workshop
SCBP Europe - IV Workshop
Executive Council - Eighty-seventh session
General Assembly - Eighteenth session
Executive Council - Eighty-sixth session
50th Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for Europe
Regional Seminar on Tourism Statistics
SCBP Europe - Regional Seminar
Workshop III-Capacity Building Programme on Tourism Statistics and Regional Seminar
SCBP Europe - III Workshop
Executive Council - Eighty-fifth session
Sub-Regional Seminar ¨The Present Crisis and Beyond¨
Tenth meeting - Committee on Statistics and the Tourism Satellite Account