Past events list

2nd International Western Silk Road Workshop
World Conference on Tourism and Future Energy: Unlocking Low-Carbon Growth Opportunities
World Conference on “Tourism and Future Energy: Unlocking low-carbon growth opportunities”
Closing Ceremony
Session 6. Tourism Indicators for Monitoring the SDGs
Session 5. Producing Data on Sustainable Tourism
Session 4 Part II. Subnational Measurement in the World
Session 4 Part I. Subnational Measurement in the Philippines
Session 3. Employment: a Key Aspect of the Social Dimension of Sustainable Tourism
Session 2. Linking the Economic and Environmental Measurement of Tourism
Session 1. Understanding Needs and Putting Data to Use
Roundtable of Chief Statisticians. Measuring Sustainable Tourism: Towards a Statistical Framework
Ministerial Roundtable. Committing to Measuring Sustainable Tourism (MST)
GRANT for the UNWTO-UOC in “Strategy and Sustainable Management of Tourism Destinations” master course
61st Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for Europe
REGISTRATION for UNWTO Practicum on "Crisis Communications in Tourism" (Edition in Spanish)
GRANT for Andorra for the UNWTO-UOC "Sustainable Tourism Destination Strategy and Management” master course in Spanish - 2017 Edition
International Seminar on New Technologies Applied to Tourism
BECAS para la Maestría en Gestión de Destinos Turísticos Anáhuac en colaboración con la OMT en la Universidad Anáhuac México Norte, México
UNWTO Master Class on “Attracting Chinese Tourism to the Mediterranean Countries”
The 29th Joint Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for East Asia and the Pacific and the UNWTO Commission for South Asia (29th CAP-CSA) & UNWTO Regional Forum on Crisis Communication
INSCRIPTION pour UNWTO Practicum sur “La communication de crises en tourisme” (Edition en Français)
Executive Council - 105th session, Madrid, Spain
Round Table on Sustainable Urban Tourism
3rd UNWTO World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism
3rd International Congress on Ethics and Tourism: Enhancing the sector's sustainability through shared responsibilities
1st International Western Silk Road Workshop
UNWTO & ATM Ministerial Forum
42nd Meeting of UNWTO Commission for the Middle East
Arabian Travel Market 2017