Past events list

Executive Council - 107th session
The 22nd Session of the UNWTO General Assembly Special Session on Smart Tourism
Executive Council - 106th session
Special meeting - Committee on Statistics and the Tourism Satellite Account
62nd UNWTO Regional Commission for the Americas
Forty-Third Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for the Middle East
The sixtieth Meeting of the UNWTO Regional Commission For Africa
The 52nd Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for East Asia and the Pacific and the 56th Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for South Asia
General Assembly - Twenty-second session
62nd Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for Europe
Curso de la OMT en México sobre “Estrategias de Turismo Sostenible para el Desarrollo Local” del 4 al 8 de septiembre en Guadalajara (Jalisco)
Technical Workshop: “UNWTO – WTCF City Tourism Performance Research”
SCHOLARSHIPS for the UNWTO Course in Paraguay on “Tourist Routes for Community Development”
The Second International Rural Tourism Conference
Asia-Pacific Tourism Marketing Evaluation Workshop
REGISTRATION for Master degree on Tourism Destination Management Anáhuac - UNWTO. Deadline: 30 June 2017
Conference on Sustainable Tourism in the Danube Region: New Perspectives
SCHOLARSHIPS for the UNWTO regional course in Mexico on "Strategies of Sustainable Tourism for Local Development”
2nd International Western Silk Road Workshop
World Conference on Tourism and Future Energy: Unlocking Low-Carbon Growth Opportunities
World Conference on “Tourism and Future Energy: Unlocking low-carbon growth opportunities”
Closing Ceremony
Session 6. Tourism Indicators for Monitoring the SDGs
Session 5. Producing Data on Sustainable Tourism
Session 4 Part II. Subnational Measurement in the World
Session 4 Part I. Subnational Measurement in the Philippines
Session 3. Employment: a Key Aspect of the Social Dimension of Sustainable Tourism
Session 2. Linking the Economic and Environmental Measurement of Tourism
Session 1. Understanding Needs and Putting Data to Use