Past events list

Tourism for Sustainable Development Goals Platform Launch
China Summer Tourism Summit (News from Members)
2nd UNWTO World Conference on Smart Destinations
The 30th Joint Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for East Asia and the Pacific and the UNWTO Commission for South Asia (30th CAP-CSA) & UNWTO Regional Seminar on Climate Change, Biodiversity & Sustainable Tourism Development
63rd Meeting of the UNWTO Regional Commission for Europe
The 61st UNWTO Regional Commission For Africa And 'Tourism Statistics: A Catalyst For Development' Seminar. Abuja, Nigeria, 4 - 6 June 2018
4th UNWTO World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism
Anáhuac-UNWTO Master Degree on Tourism Destination Management
International Mayor's Forum on Tourism 2018
IFT Global Centre for Tourism Education and Training and UNWTO 5th Training Workshop
Executive Council - 108th session
UNWTO Regional Conference on Human Capital Development in Tourism: New Perspectives
44th Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for the Middle East
UNWTO.TedQual Seminar in Cairo, Egypt
UNWTO-UAE Executive Training Workshop on “Innovative Approaches to Destination Branding”
8th UNWTO Silk Road Task Force Meeting
ETC Webinar: ETC & UNWTO Handbook on Marketing Transnational Tourism Themes and Routes
63rd meeting of the UNWTO Regional Commission for the Americas
International Seminar on Women’s Empowerment in the Tourism Sector
Workshop on Communications and Media Relations on Wildlife and Sustainable Tourism and Regional Conference on Capacity Building on Tourism Development and Biodiversity Protection in West and Central Africa
10th World Congress on Snow and Mountain Tourism
UNWTO TedQual Networking Meeting, Principality of Andorra 2018
12th UNWTO Asia/Pacific Executive Training Programme on Tourism Policy and Strategy
The Value of Human Rights on the Camino de Santiago: harnessing the power of tourism to promote cross-cultural dialogue and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
8th UNWTO Silk Road Ministers Meeting
ITB 2018
UNWTO/GWU University ONLINE Course on “Tourism as a Path to International Cooperation & Sustainable Development”
UNWTO International Conference on Tourism and Snow Culture ~ Snow Experiences and Winter Traditions as Assets for Tourism Destinations ~
International Workshop on Pakistan Tourism
Recommendations on the Responsible Use of Ratings and Reviews on Digital Platforms