Past events list

SCHOLARSHIP for Andorra for the UNWTO-UOC Master “Strategy and Sustainable Management of Tourism Destinations” in Spanish
Inauguración de las obras de insfraestructura accesibles en la Misión Jesuitica de la Santísima Trinidad del Paraná
The wonders of Mayaguez
Concurso fotográfico “Turismo para todos”
Happiness 360º World Tourism Conference
UNWTO course in Argentina on “The digital tourist” from 11 to 16 September in Córdoba, Argentina
Opening the Gate to explore Algeria
En Gijón celebramos el Día Mundial del Turismo 2016 - Un turismo para todos ¿te apuntas?
JORNADAS Turismo y Sustentabilidad: «Turismo para todos: promover la accesibilidad universal» EEyN UNSAM
1st UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism
Día Mundial del turismo en Malargüe
I Conversatorio de Estrategias e Innovación frente a la Estacionalidad Turística y Feria de Turismo Cultural
UNWTO regional course in Mexico on “Excellence in Tourism Marketing: Social media in the tourism destination” from 5th to 9th September in Mérida (Yucatán)
Día Mundial del Turismo Universidad Veracruzana 2016
Photo contest «I love Kazakhstan»
First Asia Cooperation Dialogue Ministerial Meeting on Tourism
Accessible bike tours in the Province of Antwerp
SCHOLARSHIPS for the UNWTO regional course in Mexico on "Excellence in Tourism Marketing: Social media in the tourism destination”
SCHOLARSHIPS for the UNWTO Course in Argentina on “The digital tourist”
UNWTO Conference on Tourism: a Catalyst for Development, Peace and Reconciliation
International Conference on Integrated Quality Management in Tourism Destinations
UNWTO Network of Observatories (INSTO): Advancing the Measurement of Sustainable Tourism Development, Open Consultation Meeting
28th Joint Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for East Asia and the Pacific and the UNWTO Commission for South Asia & UNWTO Conference on Tourism and Technology
Connecting people and cultures through Tourism in the Mediterranean region
Oman is to host two UNWTO workshops on Tourism Strategic Planning and MICE Product Development
60th Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for Europe and the Seminar on New Business Models: Disruption and Opportunities
International Mayor’s Forum on Tourism 2016
First World Conference on Tourism for Development
Executive Council - 103rd session