Executive Council

Executive Council

Officers for 2014

‎Chair: Indonesia
‎First Vice-Chair: Jamaica
Second Vice-Chair: Mozambique

‎The Executive Council's task is to take all necessary measures, in consultation with ‎the Secretary-General, for the implementation of its own decisions and ‎recommendations of the Assembly and report thereon to the Assembly.‎

The Council meets at least twice a year.‎

‎The Council consists of Full Members elected by the Assembly in the proportion of ‎one Member for every five Full Members, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure ‎laid down by the Assembly with a view to achieving fair and equitable geographical ‎distribution.‎

The term of office of Members elected to the Council is four years and elections for ‎one-half of the Council membership are held every two years. Spain is a Permanent ‎Member of the Executive Council.‎

‎The Council elects one Chair and two Vice-Chairs from among its Members.

List of Members


Subsidiary Organs
Committee for the Review of Applications for Affiliate Membership
Committee on Statistics and the Tourism Satellite Account

Committee on Tourism and Competitiveness
Committee on Tourism and Sustainability
Programme and Budget Committee