Regional Commissions

Regional Commissions

Established in 1975 as subsidiary organs of the General Assembly, the six Regional ‎Commissions normally meet once a year. They enable member States to maintain ‎contact with one another and with the Secretariat between sessions of the General ‎Assembly, to which they submit their proposals and convey their concerns. Each ‎Commission elects one Chairman and its Vice-Chairmen from among its Members ‎for a term of two years commencing from one session to the next session of the ‎Assembly.‎‎

Officers (2017-2019) ‎ ‎‎

UNWTO Commission for Africa (CAF) ‎ ‎
Chairman: Kenya
Vice-Chairmen: Gambia, South Africa

UNWTO Commission for the Americas (CAM) ‎
Chairman: Bahamas
Vice-Chairmen: Haiti, Brazil

UNWTO Commission for East Asia and the Pacific (CAP) ‎ ‎
Chairman: Indonesia
Vice-Chairmen: Japan, Vanuatu

UNWTO Commission for Europe (CEU) ‎ ‎
Chairman: Croatia
Vice-Chairmen: Bulgaria, Lithuania

UNWTO Commission for Middle East (CME) ‎ ‎
Chairman: United Arab Emirates
Vice-Chairmen: Lebanon, Iraq

UNWTO Commission for South Asia (CSA) ‎ ‎
Chairman: Bangladesh ‎
Vice-Chairmen: Bhutan, Iran, Islamic Republic of

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