Taleb Rifai (Jordan)                                                                                                      

Executive Director for Operational Programmes and Institutional Relations

Márcio Favilla (Brazil)                                                                         

Executive Director for Programme and Coordination                          

Zoltán Somogyi (Hungary)                                                                                          

Executive Director for Technical Cooperation and Services                               

 Zhu Shanzhong (China)  

Executive Director for Member Relations

Carlos Vogeler (Spain/Venezuela)


Director of Administration and Finance

José García Blanch (Spain)

Director – Executive Secretary of the General Assembly and the Executive Council

Xu Jing (China)

Adviser to the Secretary-General on Tourism and Peace

Amr Abdel-Ghaffar (Egypt)

Adviser to the Secretary-General on Tourism and Culture
Jin Yung Woo (Republic of Korea)

Adviser to the Secretary-General on Tourism, Sports and Mega Events

Shuichi Kameyama (Japan)