General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme organ of UNWTO. Its ordinary sessions are held every two years and is attended by delegates from UNWTO Full and Associate Members, as well as representatives from UNWTO Affiliate Members.

It is considered the most important global meeting of senior tourism officials and high-level ‎representatives of the private sector. ‎

Previous sessions:
Session Venue Date
I Madrid, Spain May 1975 ‎
II Torremolinos, Spain May/June 1977 ‎
III Torremolinos, Spain September 1979 ‎
IV Rome, Italy September 1981 ‎
V New Delhi, India October 1983 ‎
VI Sofia, Bulgaria September 1985‎
VII Madrid, Spain September/October 1987 ‎
VII Paris, France August/September 1989 ‎
IX Buenos Aires, Argentina September/October 1991 ‎
X Bali, Indonesia October 1993 ‎
XI Cairo, Egypt October 1995‎
XII Istanbul, Turkey October 1997 ‎
XIII Santiago, Chile September/October 1999 ‎
XIV Seoul, Republic of Korea/Osaka, Japan September 2001‎
XV Beijing, China October 2003‎
XVI Dakar, Senegal ‎ November/December 2005‎
XVII Cartagena de Indias, Colombia ‎ November 2007
XVIII Astana, Kazakhstan October 2009
XIX Gyeongju, Republic of Korea October 2011
XX Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe August 2013
XXI Medellín, Colombia September 2015
XXII Chengdu, China September 2017


Next session: Russian Federation, 2019