International Seminar of the UNWTO Affiliate Members


“Innovative solutions applied to the development of the tourism sector”

Thursday 20 January 2011, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Room N101/N102 (North entrance), FITUR, Madrid - Spain

With simultaneous translation english - spanish

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The international tourism landscape is constantly evolving. The Internet and new technologies have been, and continue to be, the force that transforms and brings new challenges for the development of tourism in the world. The tourism sector must therefore be alert, following every step of their development, adapting and reacting in order to optimize its resources and add more value to its organizations and to the experience of 21st-century travellers.

The UNWTO is committed to innovation and therefore it is engaging in a strong effort to utilize advanced technologies that can facilitate and promote the exchange of information and knowledge between the governmental and non-governmental sectors of world tourism.

Sharing pioneering innovations that result from good use of technology applied to the development of tourism products and services is a good direction for the entire tourism sector. So we will have the opportunity to present at this seminar, in addition to important projects and innovative experiences, the tool known as Platma, an online platform of the UNWTO Affiliate Members whose aim is to foster open dialogue, and to promote collaboration, as well as the exchange of experiences, opinions and knowledge among the actors of the world tourism sector.

With this Seminar, the aim is to generate productive debates about technology, innovation and participation in the world of tourism through platforms, products and practical initiatives that prove to be effective in terms of improving the tourism experience and the competitiveness of organizations.

Attendance at the seminar is free. (Please note that places are limited)

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