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Survey on Destination Governance/Management Structures-2011


A tourism destination as a dynamic and complex organism involving many different and diverse groups of stakeholders   needs to adopt new governance models and structures for its sustainable growth, overall performance and competitiveness.

As a result of the on- going transformation and reconsideration of the role of the public sector and recent forms of public-private linkages and policy networks,    there has been a shift from government to governance in tourism destinations, mainly at sub-national level.

This updated survey aims to explore the dynamics (or lack of dynamics) of the Destination Management Organizations ( DMOs) in terms of:

  1. Public- private interface, 

  2. Multi-stakeholder complexity ,  level of involvement and level of autonomy,

  3. Resource dependencies,

  4. Impact on performance.

The results of this second survey will provide empirical data on the current governance/management structures of the tourism destinations and the respective challenges to be faced.

Successful cases will be highlighted in the evaluation report.