The bodies of the World Tourism Organization are the:‎

General Assembly
The General Assembly is the principal gathering of the World Tourism Organization. It ‎meets every two years to approve the budget and programme of work and to debate ‎topics of vital importance to the tourism sector. Every four years it elects a Secretary-‎General. The General Assembly is composed of Full Members and Associate ‎Members. Affiliate Members and representatives of other international organizations ‎participate as observers.‎
The World Committee on Tourism Ethics is a subsidiary organ of the General Assembly.
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Regional Commissions
UNWTO has six regional commissions-Africa, the Americas, East Asia and the Pacific, ‎Europe, the Middle East and South Asia. The commissions meet at least once a year ‎and are composed of all the Full Members and Associate Members from that region. ‎Affiliate Members from the region participate as observers.
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Executive Council
The Executive Council is UNWTO's governing board, responsible for ensuring that the ‎Organization carries out its work and adheres to its budget. It meets at least twice a year and is ‎composed by Members elected by the General Assembly in a ratio of one for every ‎five Full Members. As host country of UNWTO´s Headquarters, Spain has a permanent ‎seat on the Executive Council. Representatives of the Associate Members and Affiliate ‎Members participate in Executive Council meetings as observers.
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Specialized committees of UNWTO Members advise on management and programme ‎content. These include: the Programme and Budget Committee, the Committee on Statistics and the Tourism Satellite Account, the ‎Committee on Tourism and Competitiveness, the Committee on Tourism and Sustainability, the World Committee on Tourism Ethics and the Committee for the Review of Applications for Affiliate Membership.‎
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The Secretariat is led by Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili from Georgia, who ‎supervises about 110 full-time staff at UNWTO's Madrid Headquarters. These officials are responsible ‎for implementing UNWTO's programme of work and serving the needs of Members. ‎The Affiliate Members are supported by a full-time Executive Director at the ‎Madrid Headquarters. The ‎Secretariat also includes a regional support office for Asia-Pacific in Nara, Japan, ‎financed by the Japanese Government. The official languages of UNWTO are Arabic, English, French, Russian and ‎Spanish. ‎