Mission & Objectives

The Documentation Resources and Archives Section aims to promote and facilitate access to tourism information for UNWTO Members and other institutional partners through appropriate mechanisms and effective information support services in two main areas:

Area One: Provision of information support services

Objective: To provide permanent information services on legislative, administrative and policy measures related to the tourism sector

Tourism Legislation Database (LEXTOUR):
An online access system to information on tourism legislation worldwide
Interactive discussion forum on tourism legislation
Place to discuss and exchange ideas in a interactive manner on timely legal issues concerning the tourism activity
An online access system to international instruments relative to facilitation of tourist travel

Archives: Access to UNWTO's historical and institutional archives

Area Two: Linkage networking between the Documentation Resources and Archives Section and its partners

Objective: To provide a permanent tourism information referral service and a standardized tool for tourism information transfer and exchange

An online access system to libraries, documentation services, information brokers and databases related to tourism worldwide
UNWTO Thesaurus on Tourism and Leisure Activities:
Access to a multilingual instrument to facilitate tourism information indexing and retrieval


Area Three: Promotion of the tourism information networking

Objective: To provide direct support to UNWTO Members, especially to National Tourism Administrations to permit them to fully participate in the tourism information networking development

Information and Documentation Resource Centres for Tourism - Guidelines for Establishment and Maintenance